Thanks Craig and Adam. Appreciate your continued focus on these issues, especially the Pentagon. I have been catching up. I am running about a month behind on your videos and posts on Substack.

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Joined the 9/11 truth movement on.... 9/12, i..e. the day after,, My colleague and close friend Tod Fletcher and i met as arranged days earlier to talk about an article he was writing about the anti-globalization movement, And we agreed something was very wrong about the story which was being spun. Little did we guess just how wrong.

I went on to participate in several groups, was one of the first 1000 engineers and architects with degrees to sign the AE911Truth petition. Tod went on to write a bunch of stuff, and became David Ray Griffin's editor, editing all of his 9/11 books after his first (The New Pearl Harbor), till Tod died in September 2014.

Thanks so much for doing this. Interesting that the same people who have tried censoring the Pentagon discussion are censoring the discussion regarding how the 9/11 truth movement relates to current events, especially the last 4 years.

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