Dear Mr. McKee, Your posting was about "erasing AE911Truth". In various places where this has been discussed, I offered that I was "meh" on the subject, because I felt it had rot at its core since its inception, and I am a vetted member.

I am posting a link to my presentation given to Boston 9/11 Truth. The reason is that a good portion of my presentation provides details on areas where AE911Truth (and the cabal) was deceitful, and it just so happens to be in the area where those involved got their "9/11 Truther credentials."

Also, the early part of my presentation dove-tails with what Mr. Adam Ruff presented, providing techniques for combatting disinfo that he did not.



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Why in this video discussion (around 2:36) doesn't Gage tell people he was on a panel with me, Andrew Johnson, where I pointed out to him that he lied about Dr Judy Wood's research and implied she was "a witch". Oh, I know why! Because he's a liar!



I don't know who the woman asking the question is (sorry) - but it appears she is pretty clueless as to evidence and history so how can she ever hope to know the truth?

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Craig, have you never taken a step or two back and entertained the thought that Gage is the cointelpro agent?

How would you feel if your eyes are opened to a bamboozle of epic proportions? Something even worse than the Covid hoax of the last 3 years?

Will you be willing to do a thought experiment and challenge your world beliefs? After 22 years of believing you have found the truth, but yet, you've just been bamboozled with a distraction away from the truth?

I've studied 9/11 from 2010 as 9/11 does not really interest most people in Africa and since the 21st anniversary, something in me snapped and I revisited ALL the narratives around WHAT happened to 7 buildings with a WTC prefix on 9/11.

Please read this article: https://911revision.substack.com/p/in-2022-we-passed-the-21st-anniversary

Then have you seen this 2010 interaction with Richard Gage? https://odysee.com/@911revisited:7/Richard-Gage-AE911Truth-caught-with-his-pants-down:9

He confirms ignoring important evidence pertaining to 9/11 evidence.

REFUTATION OF GAGE'S GAME. No more nails needed for this coffin!! - read this June 2023 article by Elsa Schieder, PhD, who hosted Gage on her truth summit: https://elsaiselsa.substack.com/p/dr-judy-wood-refutation-of-gages-game

Then see the panel discussion, where Gage admitted he's lying - https://odysee.com/@911revisited:7/Richard-does-not-know:0

And again, when asked pertinent questions in September 2023, he LIES again - https://odysee.com/@911revisited:7/4.-LIAR-Gage-in-2023-vs-2011---2nd-Edit:b

Now ask yourself, why can't Richard Gage count past 3?

9/11 TRUTH: What does it take for you to distrust someone?

It is time you challenge what you think you know the truth to be.

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Craig, is the 9/11 "truth" movement a distraction movement?

What happens if you ask 9/11 TRUTH questions?

Article: https://911revision.substack.com/p/questions-for-the-911-truther-talking

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