how mush poorer we all are for the loss of what only makes the greatest beings to have visited this Small planet pursuing unselfishly the biggest hidden problems or irrepressible horrors as the assassinations by same covet forces of best leaders for of all far beyond heartbreak must labor on, in, for diminishing fulfillment of their selfless labor

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I also have William Pepper’s books , his inner wanting to know truth

And then sharing his facts and experiences with all who really want to know .

I communicated my experiences of fore planned 9/11/01 controlled demolitions

With William Pepper in writings while he had office space on 57street and Madison Avenue .

He was, is an amazing man, truth seeker .

Thanks Craig McKee for your being a truth seeker and your work with 911 Truth and Justice movement.

We shall overcome ( someday ).

May that someday be now.

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I have been planning to buy his books. Thanks for the reminder.

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